Mixed Bag

A Collection of Standards from the isles, sure to delight and beguile you while enjoying a pint o yer favourite dark and foamy beverage. Performances on the pipes, songs silly and soulful, make for a satisfying helping of musical fare. 
All you need is a potato on the side... Enjoy!


Charlie began playing the Scottinsh Highland bagpipes at 15 and his musical journey has led him to become accomplished on many other instruments as well. He also plays the Irish Uilleann pipes, flute, penny whistle, coronet, mandolin, guitar and the button accordion!

His love of  creating music has allowed him to discover the joys of sharing it with others.

Celtic Winds 

​Charlie's debut album. This recording allows all of the Celtic Wind Instruments that he plays to stand alone on their own merit: solo and unaccompanied.

Copyright 2015 © Charlie Rafferty. All rights reserved.

Purely Pipes

You asked for it - you got it! A recording featuring nothing other than the Scottish Highland Pipes! Herein is a compilation of piping tracks from twenty years of performances recorded all over the United States and Ireland.


Rafferty's Rambles 

A Celtic Collection of Mostly Instrumental Music, powered by Flute and Whistle as well as Irish Uilleann Pipes. All backed with excellent guitar stylings of Michael Mandrell and John Burleson.


Miller & Rafferty - Travellers 

Musical virtuoso Billy Miller and I team up on this satisfying smorgasbord of songs and tunes on a wide and wylde variety of instruments, featuring inspired arrangements of mostly Traditional Irish Music.


Bag Pype

A collection of tunes played by Charlie upon the Great Highland Pipes or “Piob Mor”. All Bagpipes, all the time, often accompanied by stellar drumming and guitar. Includes a bonus track of Celtic Bamboo Flute Improv, played in a cave in the Arizona Desert.


  • Behind The Haystack-Kid On The Mountain0:49
  • Endless Jigs (Blarney Pilgrim -Dusty Windowsill-Atholl Highlander)0:59
  • Freeborn Man1:19
  • I Buried My Wife And Danced On Her Grave0:48
  • Johnny Jump Up1:07
  • Red Haired Boy - Mason's Apron0:43
  • She Moved Through The Faire1:05
  • The Derry Air (Danny Boy)0:57
  • The Eagle's Whistle0:56
  • The Rowan Tree0:47