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Charlie Rafferty is a modern Troubadour - he is a musician, storyteller, poet and craftsman. His performances are beautiful, emotional and evoke the eternal experience of love, laughter and a deep connection with nature.

Charlie has been performing for more than 30 years and is dedicated to bringing his music to every kind of audience. He has appeared at renaissance faires, music festivals, schools, weddings, funerals, pubs and auditoriums large and small.

Charlie is available as a solo musician or he can invite other musicians from his collective CeltAmericana.

Bring the music of Charlie Rafferty to your next event!

Charlie Rafferty has trained and performed with some of the most
respected traditional musicians on 
both sides of the Atlantic.  

e interprets his own emotions and experiences into the songs he plays
creates an experience that is
unique, inspiring and simply
breath taking.